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Insect Killer

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CCFL technology 
Mosquito killer features the CCFL technology with 365NM wavelength light, which has a fatal attraction for mosquitoes and can achieve better trapping results. CCFL makes the device enjoy a long service life and will not have performance regression over time.

Efficient and powerful 
Focusing on its efficiency and powerfulness, Mosquito killer is installed with a 360-degree window and an airflow fan with 2,000 rpm to lure mosquitoes into the retaining cage/container, trapping them until they dehydrate to death, which helps increase 45% catching effects.

Easy to clean 
Unlike the traditional mosquito tray, the mosquito killer uses a 360-degree turnover/roll cover. The turnover cover opens easily with a slight push and then automatically swings back into the place.

1.Place the mosquito killer at least 0.5 metres above the ground for best catch results.
2.Close the door and windows for best catch results.
3.Keep the device away from other competing light sources for best catch results.

4.Keep working continuously for 48 hours when used the first time. Do not open the turnover cover during use.


-Bionic, use human body light source to lure mosquitoes.
-Three-dimensional surround type, blue light attracting mosquito.
-Intelligent light controlling.
-Mute and intelligent noise reduction.
-USB interface. Intelligent physical moquito killer.
-Highly efficient suction fan, healthy and no radiation, it is the most safe and reliable protection for family.
-360-degree full light emission, without blind angle.
-The design of mosquito box is easy to clean and durable.
-Low noise and province electricity design, let your peace of mind to sleep, easy to catch mosquitoes.

Product name:mosquito killer
Material: ABS Plastics
Effective area: 45-80㎡
Rated voltage:DC 5V
Light source:LED
Rated power: 5W
Size: 13*13*19cm

Shall be application in household, office, hotel an so on.

1. Do not let the baby near and too close to direct light source.

Package include:
1 x Mosquito Killer
1 x User Manual